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Water Corporation Superannuation Plan is a super fund for current and past employees of the Water Corporation. Spouses of current employees can also join the Plan. We offer accumulation super products including MySuper, as well as two Pension products.
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Upcoming restricted processing period

Please note that members will not be able to access their account or process transactions (including benefit payments) from 13 April. This is because we will be migrating member data to the new Water Corporation Super (WCS) fund as a division of AMP.

To ensure all requests are processed in time and you are not impacted by this restricted processing period, we recommend you plan ahead by sending any transaction requests to us by 13 April 2017.  Note that some specific transactions are restricted sooner so for more information, including specific details on online access and transaction availability, please see the 'Successor Fund Transfer Update'.




Water Corp Super Plan transferring to AMP

The Trustee of the Water Corporation Superannuation Plan (WCSP) is pleased to announce that AMP will be the ongoing superannuation provider for WCSP members. This decision was made following a recent selective tender process where the Trustee reviewed industry alternatives that are in members' best interest. Effective 1 May 2017, this transfer is a positive move in the right direction; members will not only retain their existing benefits, but will be eligible for even more, including an overall reduction in fees and insurance costs. All information has been outlined in a Significant Event Notice letter which has been sent to all WCSP members. For more information, please see our Fund Transfer Info page.